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Are Instagram hashtags still relevant?

hashtags instagram Aug 08, 2022

I often get asked whether it’s important to still include hashtags in your content… 

What type of hashtags should you use in your posts? 

Do they help or are they a waste of time? 

The short answer is YES! You should still be using hashtags.   


Because hashtags help your content be discovered by NEW people who aren’t following you and so help to increase your brand’s reach and awareness. 

Even ONE new person per post is a GOOD thing right? 

Ok, hashtags are probably not going to shoot the lights out in terms of getting you lots more engagement of followers but the way I see it? 

Every little bit helps and it’s better to include them than to not use them at all. 

Ok, so how do you know if your hashtags are actually working? 

Easy! On Instagram, you can click on “View Insights” below your post and scroll down to see how many impressions you got from the hashtags you used. Like...

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