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Not sure where to start? Start here! I'm going to teach you how to approach social media more strategically. I'm going to show you how to get your dream customers from total oblivion to buying from you! It's packed with value, it's accessible and practical and you can start the course immediately!

One month to mastery

A 4-part course done online at your own pace.  Suitable for all levels. Proven methods that are easy to implement. Access for 1 year. 

Learn my framework

I'll teach you my signature 4-part social media strategy framework that makes it simpler than ever to achieve success on social media.

Bottom line results

My methods will help you achieve real results that impact your bottom line - not just vanity metrics of followers and likes! 

All your training in one place.

I've trained over 300 small business owners in South Africa, helping them achieve success on social media. Now I want to help you! Watch the video.


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You can't grow if you don't know! Get the knowledge you need to confidently grow your business using social media. 

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So what's covered?

We kick off with the important foundations and then I'll show you, step-by-step, how to build a strategy and practically implement a social media plan that works for your business!

Module 1: The Foundations

Set yourself up for success by getting the basics right. Understand what you're aiming for in the context of social media, define how you add value, learn how to attract your ideal customer plus a BONUS lesson with my top tricks for how to research your target audience on social. 

Module 2: Content Creation

You'll learn how to create social content that knocks it out of the park and really resonates with your audience. I'll show you how to do it all more efficiently AND you'll get access to my bonus tech library to see exactly which buttons to push and how to do it all practically, with step by step video instructions. 

Module 3: Nurture 

There's no point creating killer content if it doesn't work hard for you. In this module, I'll teach you how to strategically and cost-effectively use a winning combo of organic and paid social tactics to nurture your audience all the way through to becoming a paying, loyal customer of yours. 

Module 4: Refine & Optimise 

Do you shudder when you hear the word 'analytics'? Fear no more. In this module, I'll break your social media insights down simply. I'll cut through the clutter and show you what you need to focus on to gauge how you're doing and optimize for further ongoing success. Simple! 

Easy-to-use online learning portal. 

  • All your social media training in one place 
  • Access to course materials for an entire year  
  • Approximately 2-3 hours learning per week for 4 weeks
  • Learn in your own time around your work
  • Practical & relevant to small SA businesses 
  • Access to a private students-only Facebook Group
  • Questions answered weekly inside the Facebook Group! 
  • Over R15,000 value for just R3,750
  • Ready to excel on social? 

Learn from an experienced marketer.

Over 12 years international experience helping leading brands and small businesses achieve success on social media.

"Excellent value for money, easy to follow and fun. This is everything a small business will need to achieve social media success!"

Megan M.
Founder - Library Day Books

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We've got you covered!

This course is designed for small business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers. If you're a novice or even a pro who feels like they have gaps in their social media marketing knowledge or wish to get MORE from their social media marketing efforts, more efficiently. This is for you! 

It's geared towards the South African market but all teachings are globally applicable, so students from other countries will also benefit and gain value from it. 

After completing this course you will: 

  • Understand the building blocks of a winning social media strategy 
  • Know how to build a monthly social media plan with more direction and clarity
  • Understand how to craft effective posts to appeal to your target audience
  • Be able to use Instagram stories Instagram TV and Instagram Reels more effectively
  • Be more confident using the key social media platforms Facebook and Instagram (plus a BONUS video on how Tik Tok works)
  • Understand how to reach your audience organically on Facebook and Instagram 
  • Understand how to create Facebook & Instagram Ads (vs boosting a post) 
  • Know how to work with influencers and collaborate for social media success 
  • And much, much more ... 

Yes!! Absolutely! 

I've trained over 250 South African small business owners and been there myself, so I know how overwhelming this can be as a beginner.

This course is designed so that people who are just starting out will not get lost, and those with more advanced knowledge will still benefit by 'filling in the gaps' and brushing up on certain skills. 

The Tech Library has also been created with step by step instructions for beginners struggling with the more technical aspects of social media - managing settings, accessing insights and inboxes, how to use Canva for design, how to connect Facebook and Instagram accounts and so on. 

The course is designed to be completed in four weeks, with 2-3 hours time commitment per week, depending on the module.


The short answer is yes, you can complete the videos and worksheets in your own time.

I do, however, encourage you to commit to completing it in 4 weeks timeframe, keeping to the 1 module per week schedule to get the maximum benefit from the course. It's VERY doable even for busy small business owners like yourself. 

You will have access for 1 year. 

The check out process is very simple and secure. 

  • Click on the sign up button.
  • Click on either the PayPal button or Pay with a Credit Card button.
  • Please note you DO NOT need a PayPal account.
  • If you selected PayPal you will proceed to the PayPal website and fill in your email (you can choose to pay with debit/credit card). 
  • Press Next. 
  • Now you can pay as a guest with PayPal.
  • Your email with password and link is in your inbox.
  • Sign up with the link and login with your password.


I cover all the social media platforms in this course but go into a lot more depth on Facebook and Instagram as these are the two most widely used and effective platforms for the majority of South African small businesses, and small businesses in general. 

Yes, in Module 3 I will teach you the basics of setting up a Facebook or Instagram ad in Ad Manager. If you are looking for more advanced ads training, we recommend also attending our Facebook Ads workshop. 

No problem. Simply email [email protected] and we'll get back to you asap. :) 

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