¬†ūüĎČ Wish it was easier to create stunning content that boosts sales without doing everything from scratch? ūüėĶ‚Äćūüíę

Today‚Äôs your lucky day‚ÄĒfind everything you need, from¬†strategy to¬†reels to captions, all in one place!


The¬†ALL-IN-ONE CONTENT SOLUTION¬†that helps product and e-commerce biz owners stand out and sell on social with¬†WAY more ease.¬†‚ėĎÔłŹ

ūüĎČ InstaKit's signature system¬†is built on the¬†5 STRATEGIC PILLARS¬†every e-commerce¬†brand needs¬†to connect with more customers and convert more product sales (because *HINT HINT* just talking about your products doesn't¬†actually¬†sell more products! It requires a solid strategy to achieve this - and this exact strategy is built into the InstaKit content system).¬†

From¬†attracting¬†MORE FOLLOWERS ūü﹬†to¬†BUILDING BRAND LOVE ūü•į¬†and¬†CONVERTING MORE SALES ūüíį¬†- the InstaKit¬†will help you achieve it all.¬†

Introducing the InstaKit 

The ALL-IN-ONE CONTENT SOLUTION¬†that helps product and e-commerce biz owners stand out and sell on social with¬†WAY more ease.¬†‚ėĎÔłŹ

ūüĎČ InstaKit's signature system¬†is built on the¬†5 STRATEGIC PILLARS¬†every brand needs¬†to connect with more customers and convert more product sales (because *HINT HINT* just talking about your products doesn't actually sell more products! It requires a specific strategy to achieve this - and this is what's included in the InstaKit).¬†

Take your content from¬†'MEH' ūüę§ to AMAZING ūü§© with¬†the all-in-one¬†toolkit that blends¬†strategy with creative wizardry...

ūüõćÔłŹ If you‚Äôre an e-commerce store owner OR you sell a physical product and you find yourself saying...

"I wish I had more TIME to focus on content." 

OR "I've run out of IDEAS! I can't think of new ways to talk about my products."

OR "I have no idea why my post isn't getting more ENGAGEMENT."

"I should be making REELS but I don't know where to start." 


From attracting FOLLOWERS to building BRAND LOVE to converting MORE SALES, InstaKit is designed to help you do it all. 


ūüĎá Let's face the facts:


When it comes to marketing, it’s no secret that Instagram is one of the BEST tools to get discovered by more people and get more traffic to your store. 

In fact, 80% of Instagram users decide whether to buy a product based on what they see in their feeds! 

But here's the thing...


Maybe you struggle to come up with NEW ideas to promote your products all the time 

Maybe you struggle to stay consistent when you're juggling so many things day to day 

Maybe you're afraid to appear "salesy" if you're always asking to "buy my product" - so you hold back... 


Has probably got you feeling stuck and frustrated 

And not achieving the beautiful Instagram feed you dream of... 

Or even worse? Not reaching your sales goals! 


Sound familiar?


... All of that can change very quickly¬†with the right solution. ūü™Ą¬†

Introducing the InstaKit content system to transform your feed the easy way!

I {Leigh} get how hard it can be! I've spent the past 16 years helping online brands overcome the content struggle.

That's why I created this solution to solve this exact problem.  

It's based on the same PROVEN strategy I've used to generate millions in revenue for my e-commerce social media clients. 

This is not just another 'batch of Canva templates' - it's an ENTIRE fool-proof system giving you the strategy AND the elements to implement it - so you can't go wrong! 

From the content pillars to the ideas, captions for every post, beautiful design templates for reels, posts and stories AND more - InstaKit has got you covered. 

Are you ready for a solution that attracts MORE amazing people to your brand, makes them fall in love with it, and most importantly... turns them into loyal, raving fans {all while taking a fraction of the time it usually takes}?  

Hi, I'm Leigh and I'm here to help you create an Instagram feed that feeds your bottom line ūüíį ...¬†¬†¬†¬†


Just imagine how great it would feel...

...to¬†have an Insta feed that¬†you're proud of - one that actually drives sales¬†... ūüĒ•

...to get your¬†content done SO much faster because all that time-consuming groundwork¬†is done for you... ūüí•

...to have the strategy DONE for you, PLUS¬†the ideas handed to you, the captions written for you, AND the perfect template for each post right there in one convenient dashboard.¬†So all you have to do¬†is quickly tweak it with your brand colors, voice and VOILA! Ready to post! ‚≠źÔłŹ

...to get positive feedback on your posts and your customers LOVING what you put out there! ūüėć


I bet it would be a huge relief...

How do I know this?

Because this exact content system has helped HUNDREDS of my e-commerce clients and members scale their revenue reliably through Instagram - WITHOUT pulling their hair out in frustration or wasting valuable hours searching for the perfect words, the right template, or juuuuust the right audio for their reel! 


Your social media success story starts here.

Over 160 done-for-you posts to help you stand out and sell on Instagram {PLUS you can use them on other platforms too}! 

Value: $2,500+

All the InstaKit posts are categorized by content pillar and post type {reels, carousels, stories, and image posts), making it SUPER quick + easy to find what you need to post each week. 

All you need to do is tweak the template and caption to your brand style and post! It’s so much easier and faster than doing it all from scratch - and you can feel confident knowing the posts have been carefully created by an expert strategist to stop the scroll, drive engagement, and drive sales!

Over 8 MONTHS worth of content if you post 5 times per week! 

REELS templates for e-commerce and product-based businesses

Struggling to crack the perfect reel? Struggle no more with InstaKit's library literally BURSTING with engaging reel ideas to stop the scroll and SELL more products - PLUS it includes links to audios, visual examples, HOOKS to add to your reel, AND scripts to follow! 

Plus LOADS of reel ideas that don't require your face in them if that's not your vibe (NO elaborate dance routines required either ūüėú !!!) ¬†

Scroll-stopping Canva templates to give your feed the glow-up you've been dreaming about. 

Value: Over $997 

Over 80 eye-catching templates so your feed can look amazing WITHOUT needing special design skills or taking hours scrolling for the perfect template. 

Simply open the template in Canva, edit with your brand colors, add your images (if needed), and VOILA!

Ready to¬†publish¬†in a FRACTION of the time. ūüôĆ

160+ Plug-and-Play caption templates 

Value: $997 

EVERY InstaKit post is accompanied by a caption template - so you don't have to waste time figuring out what to say with each post. 

NO long list of captions to sort through like in other template packs - each caption template is matched to the specific post to save you time. 

Not only that, but you also get CATCHY HOOKS & SCRIPTS for reels PLUS instructions on where to add specific information to customize each hook + caption to your brand. 


THAT'S NOT ALL! Plan and stay organized with ease with the customizable InstaKit calendar dashboard - all your key dates and posts in one place! 

InstaKit makes planning a breeze - plan all your new launches, holidays, events, and sales campaigns in one place with InstaKit's "holidays and key dates" dashboard and visual calendar tool. No more disorganized notes, files, and folders! 

PLUS upload and organize your media + ideas - photos, videos, and stories into your planner so you know exactly what you’re posting, and when! 

Aaaaaand there's bonuses too!

When you buy now, you also get access to these fab bonuses: 


Discover the 5 content pillars EVERY e-commerce and product-based business needs to succeed on social. 

This content strategy is based on over 16 year' experience working with online brands and reliably attracts customers to your brand, builds brand love and trust and converts sales! It's the same strategy all the InstaKit posts and templates are built on. 

{And *honest truth* most brands I see are missing at least ONE of these in their content!)

In this exclusive masterclass, I'll walk you through the strategy step-by-step so you can get MAXIMUM value from your InstaKit and see the BEST results possible! 


How to customise your captions, posts and hooks the quick and easy way with ChatGPT 

It's no secret that ChatGPT is an incredible tool but it can also be confusing and overwhelming. 

In this training, I'll show you how to customise your content step-by-step so your brand doesn't end up sounding the same as everyone else's (or worse, like ChatGPT wrote it!)


Learn how to create beautiful POSTS, CAROUSELS, VIDEOS and REELS so you can have a feed your proud of! 

In this training, you'll learn how to upload your brand guide into Canva (for Canva Pro users) as well as how to edit your InstaKit templates so they align with your brand colours and fonts and look unmistakably true to YOUR brand (Free and Pro plan) 

PLUS you'll receive step-by-step training on how to create amazing REELS and VIDEOS with Canva - that DON'T require your face in them! 

BONUS #4: 25 Reels Cover Templates 

Keep your GRID looking on-brand and consistent! ūü§©

Done-for-you reels cover designs to keep your Instagram profile looking aesthetically pleasing EVEN when you post loads of different styles of reels. 

Stop wasting valuable time creating all your content from scratch. 
Start posting like a pro with the InstaKit. 

Get all the post ideas and "baked-in" strategy to attract, nurture, and convert more store sales, plus the customizable templates, content calendar, ChatGPT training, and more.

(regular price $197) 


Lifetime access. MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. 

Here's an example of what you get inside the InstaKit:

Imagine having all these caption templates, designs 
AND organisation tools at your fingertips! 

Turn chaos into clarity with InstaKit's seamless content planning system. 

No more messy desktops, endless folders, and lost files - InstaKit's all-in-one social media planning system ensures you can plan ahead and stay consistent without pulling your hair out. 

So you may be thinking..."but will this work for my business?" 

The good news is - YES!

The InstaKit has been carefully crafted to adapt to any e-commerce business that sells a physical product. 

It provides the foundation so you no longer have to waste time searching for what to post, finding the right designs and writing captions from scratch. 

So whether you sell soap¬†ūüßľ¬†, sneakers ūüĎü, sleepwear¬†ūüėī, or skincare ūüíč, the InstaKit will work for you.¬†

And in case you're worried you're not 'tech-savvy' enough, don't be - the InstaKit is very user-friendly and comes with step-by-step instructions so you never feel lost or confused. 

YES! I'm ready to transform my Instagram feed.

So why am I the right person to help you make more sales on Instagram? 

I (Leigh) am a marketing director and business owner with 16 years' experience 
serving over 800+ businesses from across the globe - helping to grow their online sales with stand-out social media strategies {including many who have gone on to build 6+ figure businesses!}.

I am also a mom of twins so I know all about the challenges of juggling a growing business and family at the same time!

After helping many incredible women over the years, I have figured out a thing or two about what brands need to get noticed… and also know that most small business owners just don’t have the time to spend to make this happen though.

After seeing many women stay stuck because of this - even when their businesses should be BOOMING - I decided to create a way to get their social media content done quickly so their business can get the visibility and support it deserves! 

And so, the InstaKit was born. 

I truly believe that every small business owner deserves a social media feed they're proud of, without consuming huge chunks of time.

’d be honoured to help YOU transform your social media presence and I can’t wait to see the difference this solution makes in your business.

Get instant access today for only:

$37 USD

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